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aktuelle Diskussionspapiere / current discussion papers


  • Stöver, B.: Estimating the transition time from school to university using a stochastic mortality model, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 657 (WP)
  • Rodrigues, P. M. M., Sibbertsen, P. and Voges, M.: Testing for breaks in the cointegrating relationship: On the stability of government bond markets' equilibrium, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 656 (WP)
  • Stöver, B.: The regional significance of university locations in Lower Saxony, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 654 (WP)
  • Leschinski, C., Voges, M. and Sibbertsen, P.: A Comparison of Semiparametric Tests for Fractional Cointegration, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 651 (WP)


  • Stöver, B.: The local impact and multiplier effect of universities in Lower Saxony on the labour market, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 646 (WP)
  • Leschinski, C. and Sibbertsen, P.: The Periodogram of Spurious Long-Memory Processes, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 632 (WP)
  • Becker, J. and Leschinski, C.: Estimating the Volatility of Asset Pricing Factors, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 631 (WP)
  • Leschinski, C., Voges, M. and Sibbertsen, P.: Integration and Disintegration of EMU Government Bond Markets, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 625 (WP)
  • Becker, J. and Leschinski, C.: Directional Predictability of Daily Stock Returns, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 624 (WP)


  • Nguyen, D. B. B., Prokopczuk, M. and Sibbertsen, P.: The Long Memory of Equity Volatility: International Evidence (WP)
  • Stöver, B.: Empirical evidence in explaining the transition behaviour from school to studies - challenges in forecasting the number of first-year students in Germany, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 596 (WP)
  • Hirsch, T. and Rinke, S.: Changes in Persistence in Outlier Contaminated Time Series (WP)
  • Leschinski, C. and Sibbertsen, P.: Origins of Spurious Long Memory (WP)
  • Bodnar, T., Mazur, S., Ngailo, E., Parolya, N.: Discriminant analysis in small and large dimensions (WP)


  • Bodnar, T., Hautsch, N. and Parolya, N.: Consistent Estimation of the High-Dimensional Efficient Frontier (WP)
  • Bodnar, T., Mazur, S. and Parolya, N.: Central limit theorems for functionals of large dimensional sample covariance matrix and mean vector in matrix-variate skewed model (WP)
  • Bodnar, T., Okhrin, Y. and Parolya, N.: Optimal shrinkage-based portfolio selection in high dimensions (link)
  • Bodnar, T., Okhrin, O. and Parolya, N.: Optimal Shrinkage Estimator for High-Dimensional Mean Vector (WP)
  • Golosnoy, V., Parolya, N.: ”To Have What They are Having”: Portfolio Choice for Mimicking Mean-Variance Savers (WP)
  • Kruse, R., Leschinski, C. and Will, M.: Comparing Predictive Accuracy under Long Memory - With an Application to Volatility Forecasting, Hannover Economic Papers, Nr. 571 (link)
  • Rinke, S., Busch, M. and Leschinski, C.: Long Memory, Breaks, and Trends: On the Sources of Persistence in Inflation Rates (WP)


  • Bertram, P., Ma, J., Sibbertsen, P.: Real exchange rates and economic fundamentals: An investigation based on a Markov-STAR model (WP)
  • Grote, C., Bertram, P.: A comparative Study of Volatility Breaks (WP)
  • Bodnar, T., Parolya, N. and Schmid, W.: Estimation of the Global Minimum Variance Portfolio in High Dimensions (WP)


  • Evers, C., Rohde, J.: Model Risk in Backtesting Risk Measures (WP)
  • Rohde J., Sibbertsen, P.: Credit Risk Modeling under Conditional Volatility (WP)