Seminar Applied Econometrics

Seminar Applied Econometrics (373016)


General Details
Seminar title Seminar Applied Econometrics
Course code(s) 373016
Academic session SuSe 2022
Course availability once
Course content Applied Econometrics
Target group / area

MSc WiWi & WiIng PO 2018; MSc WiWi PO 2012 / Area: Empirical Economics and Econometrics

Number of participants as needed
Course language English
Location internal seminar
Industry partnerno
Timetable block course
Completion of term paper during lecture period / during lecture-free period
Requirements and Academic Support

Independent developmnent of a current economic topic and application to an economic issue. Afterwards, a presentation as well as discussion follow.

Prerequisites Advanced Statistics
Introductory course to academic research no
Formal guidelines templates for seminar papers and presentations
General literature Will be announced during the initial discussion.
Basic literature to introduce each topic Will be announced during the initial discussion.
Methodology Will be announced during the initial discussion.
Specialised software R
Recommended word processing software LATEX / MS Word
Length of term paper 15 pages
Meeting(s) to discuss outline 1 (min.)
Performance requirements / evaluation seminar paper / presentation
Examiner(s) Prof. Dr. Philipp Sibbertsen
Contact person Laura Bub
Group Assignments and Topics
Group assignment no
Group size -
Group formation -
Topics Will be announced during the initial discussion.
Assignment of topics preference-based
Initial registration online form (Registration is no longer possible)
Process Schedule
Initial registration / application until 31th December 2021
Initial discussion 25th January 2022, 16:15 pm, room I-112
Topic assignment during the initial discussion
Formal (binding) registration during the initial discussion
Commencement of seminar paper after formal registration
Submission of seminar paper until 27th May 2022, 11:30 am, Ms Rittmeier
Presentation expected on 20th/21th June 2022