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Current discussion papers


  • Wegener, C., Basse, T., Sibbertsen, P. and Nguyen, D. K.: Liquidity Risk and the Covered Bond Market in Times of Crisis: Empirical Evidence from Germany, Annals of Operations Research (forthcoming)
  • Wenger, K., Leschinski, C. and Sibbertsen, P.: Change-in-Mean Tests in Long-memory Time Series: A Review of Recent Developments, Advances in Statistical Analysis, 103, 02/2019, 237-256 (link)
  • Leschinski, C., Sibbertsen, P.: Model Order Selection in Seasonal/Cyclical Long Memory Models. Econometrics and Statistics, 1, 78-94 (link)


  •  Nguyen, D. B. B., Prokopczuk, M. and Sibbertsen, P.: The Memory of Stock Return Volatility: Asset Pricing Implications, Journal of Financial Markets (forthcoming)
  • Kruse, R., Leschinski, C. and Will, M.: Comparing predictive accuracy under long memory - with an application to volatility forecasting, Journal of Financial Econometrics (forthcoming)
  • Stöver, B. and Sibbertsen, P.: Die räumliche Flexibilität von Studierenden - Gründe für das Wanderungsverhalten von Studienanfänger/-innen zwischen den Bundesländern, Beiträge zur Hochschulforschung, 03/2018, Heft 3, 8-33 (link)
  • Busch, M. and Sibbertsen, P.: An Overview of Modified Semiparametric Memory Estimation Methods, Econometrics, 6(1), 13 (link)
  • Voges, M., Leschinski, C. and Sibbertsen, P.: Seasonal long memory in intraday volatility and trading volume of Dow Jones stocks, Advances in Applied Financial Econometrics (forthcoming)
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  • Bodnar, T., Parolya, N., Schmid, W.: Estimation of the global minimum variance portfolio in high dimensions,European Journal of Operational Research, 1, 04/2018, 371-390 (link)
  • Wenger, K., Leschinski, C. and Sibbertsen, P.: A Simple Test on Structural Change in Long-Memory Time Series, Economics Letters, 163, 02/2018, 90-94 (link)


  • Leschinski, C.: On the memory of products of long range dependent time series, Economics Letters, 153, 04/2017, 72-76 (link)
  • Leschinski, C. and Bertram, P.: Time varying contagion in EMU government bond spreads, Journal of Financial Stability, 29, 04/2017, 72-91 (link)
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  • Bodnar, T., Gupta, A.K., Parolya, N.: Direct Shrinkage Estimation of Large Dimensional Precision Matrix, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 146, 04/2016, 223-236, (link)
  • Rinke, S. and Sibbertsen, P.: Information Criteria for Nonlinear Time Series Models. Studies of Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 20(3), 325–341 (link)


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